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ADN-BSN Programs

by mlbrn71 mlbrn71 (New) New

Wanting to eventually get into a FNP program but need my BSN first. Thinking of either getting my BSN through WGU or completing the bridge program through Gonzaga. Has anybody had experience with either of these programs?


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I got my BSN through WGU. Very challenging, but worth it. However, while WGU does have a MSN, there are no grades attached to courses. It is competencies. So it may hurt your GPA and chances of getting into a competitive FNP program. You can always ask for program information from both places and find the best fit. I don't know anything about Gonzaga, but I know WGU is about learning new content and going at your own pace (within reason). Lots of supportive people, but it's all over the phone or emails, which was challenging for me. No matter which you choose, a BSN program is still challenging, and you do learn some valuable things. :)

good luck!

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I completed my online RN-to-BSN program through WGU earlier this year. It was easy enough that I was able to complete 34 credits in 10 months while working full-time night shift.

It is a competency program, resulting in grades of 'pass' or 'fail.' This results in a 3.0 grade point average upon graduation; however, it did not hinder me from getting accepted into an MSN program at a regional state university.

Are clinicals involved?