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ADN or BSN? Already have a BS in Health Administration

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I graduated a year ago with a BS in Health Administration. I would like to go back to school to get my RN license. I have been looking at some ABSN and BSN programs and they are both a lot of time, and money!

I have done some research and found that most hospitals prefer a RN with a BSN degree... I am looking for anyone who has advice on what to pursue. There is a ADN program in my hometown that is really well recognized and significantly cheaper than going for a BSN.

Ideally I want to become a nurse manager and am hoping that an ADN and my BS will be sufficient.

Thoughts, concerns? I live in Northern California, and would like to stay in this region however am willing to relocate.

To sum this confusing post up, does anyone think I will have a hard time getting a job (or lower salary) with a ADN and BS in Health Administration?

Thanks for any advice you can give :)

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A BS in anything other than nursing usually won't suffice as an equivalent to a BSN. The ABSN route shouldn't be a time burdon, most accelerated programs are around 1.5-2 years. The average ADN is about 2 years. The ABSN program I graduated from was 3 semesters. I can't speak to what's available to you and what your financial status is, but time shouldn't be a factor for ADN versus ABSN.

Thank you for this advice. I am really hoping to avoid adding to my huge pile of student loans, and I haven't found a relatively cheap ABSN program (less than 12-15k). I dont expect my BS to be equivalent to a BSN, but I am wondering if it would help give me a boost during the hiring process (even with a ADN)?

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Sorry, but I have to echo PP - You'll need a BSN (and clinical experience) to gain an entry-level foothold into nursing management. It's our professional degree. An MSN will be required to move up the nursing admin ladder.


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