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I have been looking at BSN as a second degree entrance option. I currently hold a B.S. In Management.

The issue is that I'm terrified to take on an upfront amount of debt and move in order to begin the BSN program. It is very rigorous and intensive. But I would prefer the 'more options' route that the BSN 'seems' to offer over an ADN.

Question: Would holding a MBA + ADN be as/less/more beneficial/efficient in opening options and climbing up the latter than holding a BSN?

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You will need a BSN to move up the ladder if your goal is to become a nurse manager or higher. If you're afraid of debt, you can go with the ADN and then pursue a RN-to-BSN degree (some people can get these degrees for less than $20k).

I recommend going on a job board and looking up descriptions of jobs or roles that you ultimately want to achieve. Look at the educational requirements.

If your goal is management in clinical settings, I do not think MBA is the most effective. Having said that, you'll need at least a BSN regardless.