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I will be graduating this year with a degree in Exercise Science and wish to pursue a career in nursing. My first two years of college I lacked focus which caused my GPA to suffer leaving me with a 3.0 at the moment. Since I have such a low GPA the only accelerated BSN programs I can see myself getting into are out of state (I live in Florida) and very expensive. is the main school I think I would be able to get into which costs around $32,000. Another option is going to community college for an ADN which would only be around $7,000. If I got an ADN and went on to pursue a BSN would any of my previous degree work transfer over, and how many extra classes would I need? Any input would be greatly appreciated since I am not sure of all of my options.


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Honestly, most schools are so different from each other, that you would have to figure out which school you might want to attend after your ADN and find out what their specific classes are.


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You may find it difficult to make the accelerated BSN plan work, but that doesn't mean you shouldn't explore the option. Otherwise the other plan is quite possible. A lot of your previous degree should transfer over to a BSN program. But you will have to have the school you are entering do an evaluation of your transcripts to find out just where you stand. Be prepared to repeat science courses that do not meet any time requirements, usually 5 or 7 years. Good luck with finding a program that suits you.


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That's a good point. I had not read anything about having to retake chemistry classes if there has been too long of a time gap. Some of the websites said "The credits are never too old, and they do not outdate", are chemistry classes an exceptionto this rule? Thanks for all the input!


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Not necessarily - I know different colleges have different requirements. The nursing school I'm applying to has a 5-year rule for all sciences classes - if you took them more then five years ago, you have to re-take them for them to be applicable to the program. I'd definitely take a look or even call the colleges to make sure. ^^

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