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I recently graduated college with a BA in psychology, however I want to go back and get my nursing degree. I've looked into ABSN options however most programs require high GPAs to get in and I don't see myslef getting in with less than a 3.5 . I have been unable to find any that are close to home so I'd have to relocate for the duration of the program. Is it worth it to do so or is it okay to complete my ADN degree at a community college nearby and later complete my BSN? Would it be difficult to get a job without a BSN?

Thanks for all your input, it is much appreciated.

Your question is pretty common on allnurses. It depends on your situation. I did an ADN while working in my prior (well paying) career. After I graduated, I got a job -- not in a hospital -- and finished up my BSN online. I didn't ask for tuition reimbursement because I didn't want to spend two years there. I hope I'll move on to a hospital soon.

For me, it took about 3 years from prerequisites to BSN, and it cost less than$20,000 (list price, I paid less).

My GPA was way too low to even consider an ABSN. Plus, an ABSN was way more expensive and time intensive (so I probably wouldn't have been able to work). An ADN and RN-to-BSN worked well for my situation.

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