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Admitting Mistakes

by Marie63 Marie63 (New) New Nurse

I posted back in February 25, 2019, "Mistake". I still am having difficulty many times with moving on and letting go. I heard a podcast recently that I thought is appropriate for nurses, even though the podcast was directed toward medical students and physicians. We all have the same goal, providing the best care possible to our patients, and one of the most important ways is to admit that we made a mistake. And to start with nursing students while in school, management being available and supportive of their staff, and coworkers being honest and helpful to each other. When I was in nursing school, not once did we talk about WHEN you make a mistake, it was all about "preventing" errors. I felt like I couldn't make ANY mistakes and I had to know everything, otherwise I was an incompetent nurse. We learned how to complete an "Incident Report". Mistakes happen, but at least for me, I felt like I was the only one and I would look stupid if I admitted it. Also, units are so busy, it would be helpful for a nurse to have a quick, simple and supportive way of reporting his or her error. I am not excusing my negligence of not reporting my error, it is just the opposite, I feel TOTALLY responsible. But it sure would help nurses with stress and most importantly, increase safe, quality care to our patients if we could open up to each other about our mistakes. My current place of work has a Blue Zone program, talking about exercise, eating right etc. Helpful, but yet not helpful, when you are not treating the whole person. How about helping to prevent guilt and shame along with all the other health issues of diabetes, heart disease etc? Here is the podcast that I think would be helpful for nurses.



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Currently listening to the podcast now. Thank you for sharing and for being so open ❤