Administering Herbal Medicane Therapy

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Has anyone administered herbal medicane therapy on a daily basis to your clients in any Northeastern USA hospital? Are PCPs reluctant to prescribe herbal medicane to their clients? :)

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I once had a gentleman I took care of in a subacute facility that his wife insisted he be given his herbal regimen. The other nurses complained, but I thought it was great! The only down side was the amount of pills that needed to be crushed to put in his g-tube! BTW- the man they thought was on deaths door, walked out of the facility with a walker to go home.

I have been a nurse for some time and I have been noticing a trend in giving herbal remedies. I have seen Drs order Cranberry pills, countless vitamin and minerals, lots of ointments like bag balm... (used for cows utters) now using on diabetic patients for their feet, and I have seen a trend in diabetic treatment changing as far as wound care... the old sugar and betadineTX and it works. I was very impressed that this dr was so unconventional, his patients were actually improving ....

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I certainally hope that if I am ever a patient that my herbal needs will be meant as well as my perscription needs.

I suffer from Fibromylagia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and with the assisstance of a wonderfully open minded physician I have had these chronic conditions undercontrol for over 3 years and have been able to continue working full time 12 hour shifts in the ER. Most of what I take are Herbals, very few are actually perscription medication. The Herbals keep my condition undercontrol, The perscription medications are only good for break through symptoms, they alone can not keep my symptoms in remission.

Should my herbal medications be suddenly withdrawn because someone didn't feel confortable with them (not because they were medically interferring with my treatment) The set-backs, both physically and financially, could be devistating.

I am one of the lucky one's whose physician would see that I received what I needed however unconventional.

I have found it is not unusual for our docs to order herbal meds. The problem I see is that our nurses who give these meds are not knowlegable about them. I have a good working knowledge of many herbs and good personal references but most nurses do not and don't make the effort to find out. I am in a western state an you asked about the North east though.

I have grown up in the culture where herbal medicines are the ones used during my ancestor times til now.. Still practice traditional (herbal medicine) because it works and people likes. Now tell me is this part of holistic nursing care???????????.

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Debbyed, please share with my what herbals you use for fibromyalgia and fatigue. I was recently diagnosed with fibromyalgia and having a hard time with the pain and fatigue. I am taking 3 Rx meds, but willing to try herbals if they work. Thanks

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