Administering chemo pills while breast feeding

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Hello everyone 

I have recently returned to work from maternity leave.I work in an assisted living facility where I have a resident that is receiving revlamid to treat multiple myeloma.My first day back I discovered that her medication was being kept in a lockbox with other resident's medication. We also don't have nitrile gloves to use for administration of the drug.I expressed my concern with my boss and he absolved me of the responsibility of administrating the medication.I have spoken with my babies pediatrician and CNP.I was told by the CNP that she doesn't know rather I should administer the drug while breast feeding.I have also reached out to revlamid representatives and they were not able to give me any direction either.Can you please offer any advice or guidance in the matter?

Thanks in advance!



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This post SUPER intrigued me. Have you tried contacting the drug company directly? I saw places that suggested contacting the FDA for questions.

Just googling articles refers to drug CONSUMPTION if breast feeding. I realize you're HANDLING the drug.

One VERY INTERESTING note is the generic drug name is quite similar to the old 1960s drug thalidomide. I will be honest to say I didn't investigate any further. THAT oldie was one wicked drug. Not sure if they were same class.

I did read about avoiding inhalation, so I'd be wearing a mask. I would want to know the answer. If you find out, could you return with an update for those of us interested to know.

Congrats on the new baby.



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Thanks for your response.I called the company about 2 weeks ago and the customer service rep couldn't give me a definitive answer on rather I should administer the drug.Revalmid is a derivative of thalidomide.I stopped administering the drug to the resident about 3 weeks ago and someone eles administers it for me.My concern at this point is the lack of knowledge in administering chemo medication in our facility.We don't have nitrile gloves to administer the medication with and I'm not sure if high traffic surfaces are being contaminated.I pump my breast milk at my job and I would like to make sure that I am doing everything that I can do to protect my baby.If you have any suggestions let me know.I asked a doctor (who just so happens to be a hematology and oncology Dr) if it is okay for me to breastfeed whike administering this drug.He said that he had never heard of the drug and believed that it's safe.I just  sent a message through my chart to the same Dr. Explaining that it is a derivative of thalidomide. I am also going to contact the company again tomorrow 



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Go higher up the drug mfr chain. And Food & Drug Admin. They do drug trials for those instances. I bet if you said the words 'adverse drug reaction' you get the CEO calling you.

Seriously, I suspected a pt of mine eating some spackling compound. Of course, no MSDS fact sheet. While waiting for Poison Control, I called the spackle company. They transferred me right to the President/CEO! No problem to the pt.


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On 12/7/2021 at 10:17 PM, amoLucia said:

Seriously, I suspected a pt of mine eating some spackling compound.

What made you suspect this? Was the pt plastered during your exam?