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I graduated about six months ago and was lucky enough to find a job I like. So far it is going well and I have no regrets. However, I work nights and find myself lonely sometimes as well as having trouble filling time and dealing with living without the built in social network of college and I got used to working 2-3 jobs, plus school etc. Any advice on how to get over this and stop stressing? :/

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Congratulations on your new job! Is there anyone at work you enjoy spending time with? Maybe invite everyone to breakfast after a shift?


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Thanks for your advice! Everyone is very friendly and I like working with them. It seems if I try to take the next step I get politely shut down. Maybe I am just new? The unit I am on has a lot of turnover and there are rarely the same people so it does make it harder. I will keep trying!

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Have you tried expanding social opportunities in your 'real life' by joining any new groups? In my area, lots of young people are involved in intramural sports leagues... softball, bowling, cycling, running, etc. These organizations are usually very glad to have a nurse join them. You could also seek out volunteer activities with programs that interest you - politics, social initiatives, Special Olympics, and so forth. If it's your thing, many churches also have singles events.

It is always a good idea to try to achieve more balance rather than attempting to fulfill all your social needs through your job. Otherwise, when you change jobs you'll be experiencing the same type of loss of your social network all over again. Jobs come and go -- but great friends can last a lifetime.


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That's a great idea thank you! I thought about that before. Something I need to look into for sure.