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ADHD student Nurse. Advice needed!

Hello all,

I am a student nurse in my final few months. I have ADHD. I have previously been a successful HCA for about a decade.

I am struggling BIG TIME.

I have my dissertation to do, an essay on leadership, a medicines management exam and about 160 extra hours to make up on placement. And all I do is sit and cry at my PC. My adhd Dr has taken me off meds and put me on antidepressants, great but now I simply cannot concentrate. Its like I just don't care anymore. Like my body and mind are giving up 2 months too soon. It's ridiculous, I cannot snap out of it.

The education link for the hospital and the uni is coming for me on placement this Friday. She hates me, I'm not kidding. I try to be so professional with her and honest and every single time without fail she degrades me. She knows about my ADHD and loves to make me feel useless about it, I'm too scared to complain and she seems to have power over people and this could have a severe effect on my life if she makes it so I don't get signed off. I've had some time off due to stress related illness and a relative of mine passed away last week. I had my 'midpoint' meeting with my ward manager which went really well but we completely forgot to sign off my skills and competencies, and now I'm being called in for a meeting to discuss things. I just know how it will go. I've been here with her before, she takes something and runs with it and the venom she shows towards me is unreal. I'm meeting my tutor on Thursday to see what my options are but to be honest I'm positively suicidal. There I said it, it's all I can think about sometimes. I wont do it. I have a wonderful family and boyfriend whom I live for but I just can't cope with this side of my life at the moment.

I CAN do my job. I struggle academically.

I am a very strong person usually, upbeat and energetic, (unless I'm daydreaming!) and I just don't know what to do anymore.

Any advice is gratefully received.

One can be on ADHD meds AND anti-depressants!! I would look into that ASAP!!!!

You absolutely need to contact the disability resource office at your college and request services and to be classified as a student with a disability. This gives you legal protection and allows them to intervene on your behalf. They will have worked with many students with ADD ADHD and will be able to suggest and provide support that you never even considered. Do not be ashamed of mental illness EVER!

I'm 46 and have ADD also. I've also had a SAH. Get in touch with the disability office at school. They can help a lot.


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