Should I run...

  1. I'm a seasoned RN of 30 + years. Started ICU then into MedSurg. Most recent has been Home Health for last 8 yrs.
    I just started a new job at a new Addiction Inpatient Center. My concern is that I'm the only nurse and our Dr. comes once a week. The residents have interactions with Clinical staff, MSW's and Behavior Techs. The Behavior Tech over see them doing self admin of their ordered meds. All orders are communicated to me by MD. Is this normal staffing?
    I want this job to work and learn more re Addiction Nursing but question not having medical staff 24/7.
    Am I looking at this wrong?
    Thank you !
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  3. by   Lucky724
    There is an inpatient psych facility in my area and I know someone who works there..the staffing you describe is very much like there..she has techs and LPN's that work with her but she is the only RN. The MD or NP will make rounds once a week as well but mostly it's by phone they communicate or orders placed in the EMR. Her biggest complaint is there is no security for assistance if a patient acts out.
  4. by   andrewschultz
    I work at a residential, partial care and intensive outpatient facility in Southern Ca. I am the ONLY LVN on duty. Medical records get signed off by an RN that works from home. MD and PSYD come weekly if there is an admit. Other than that....I'm on my own as well.