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Hello to all, it's my first time posting.. I'm looking for information about promoting to Major in the AF. Currently, I believe is 97% to make it. I hold an MSN. Do I need to specialize and get a certification? I just want to know if I need it to promote. I definitely know that I need one for Lt.Col. I'm gonna retire on Major. Any comment on feedback will be greatly appreciated. Ty

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This was from April, so not quite 97%. I would do everything you can to ensure you get promoted: certifications, volunteer work, committees etc cuz you just never know how it'll go. Not to mention doing an outstanding job at you primary job...and playing well with others.


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Advanced academic degrees from your SURF are not viewable to the board for major. That's why you're not allowed to discussed masters in OPR bullets any more. The only way they would know is if you got your MSN via AFIT...and would then have an LOE from AFIT that the board would see. Since it takes time to get pre-reqs, time on station etc for AFIT, most O-3s haven't finished AFIT yet. So MSNs won't matter for Major.

It will help to have a board certification (CCRN, CEN, CNOR, etc). You definitely need SOS. They look at those two things for sure. I honestly don't know of any nurses who have been passed over for Major with: clean records (no article 15s), passed their PT tests, have a board cert and have done SOS.

You never know what the future will bring, but Major has not been competitive for AD AF nurses in recent memory.

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Thank you for the info. I do Have SOS already.. I have clean record and outstanding PT score