Acute Care Nurse Case Manager - jobs to consider after?


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Currently, I am an RN acute care inpatient case manager. I have been in this role for the past 3 years and have prided myself on being efficient & effective; however, this job has become extremely draining in a shift role where I’m the only one responsible for all patients for multiple units on my own. I feel that I am getting burned out, bouts of depression and anxiety nowadays. With Covid, management has increased my workload to become even more overwhelming proportions. Honestly, I always go the extra mile everyday for my patients and our care teams w/out appreciation from my dept LOL. For nurse case managers who left acute case management - what was your next job? I think its time for me to consider a different job role because this is not a healthy position in the long run. My experience includes 3 additional years as an outside facility (acute inpatient, ED, long term) and internal nurse case manager, Public health nurse, care management ambulatory care and direct patient care in community care facility setting. I also have a BSN and MHA. Thank you in advance.


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I’ve been a nurse for over 10 years.


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some ideas/thoughts: utilization review, clinical documentation improvement/cdi, case manager for insurance company doing either your or chronic disease management, telephone triage, homecare -- depends what your interests are.

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Pre-Covid I saw case management a dead-end thankless job and jumped ship back to the clinical bedside nursing world to became move into management.  Do you like case management?  If not, ivyleaf has some good ideas.  Are those areas of passion or interest? 

As an aside, I do not think there is any area of nursing that is without stress and crazy workloads and/or expectations due to COVID.  Thus, you  may want to think about what you are passionate about despite the job being full of stress so you can survive your work.  Also, you may need to think about ways to de-stress on your off time to help you to survive your work.  Good luck!