what actually happened re online studies?


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okok, I get it...I have read all the problems re states not accepting EC. my question is : WHY ? I mean..what the H happened? WHY is this? how can you be going for a degree, a paid for degree, and then be blown out of the water???..I just dont get it. end point would certainly be a legal matter. --but before that, I mean, c'mon...what the H happened to make these states and I am sure more to follow, do this --w/ the nursing (ha ha) shortage n all? I am an LPN trying to either bridge to RN or..(n this is another matter re credits not being accepted, hello--I am invisible). unfortunately, this makes a nurse think about another avenue re careers.

love the smile on ER patients when you have turned their world back to normal. ok, I got off topic. night, y'allllll.:onbch:


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If your heart is in nursing, please do not let this stumbling block deter you from your dreams. I'm one of the one's affected by this and I was very discouraged in the beginning but I'm determined to join others in this fight of injustice to fulfill my goal of becoming an RN. As the cliche goes "where there is a will there is a way".


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I think basically what has happened is a few bad apples posing as legitimate nursing programs have worked there way into the nursing education arena. Most notably in georgia is one in Marietta. It had some off shore diploma mill connection. In order to shut them out, they did not consider the impact on legit schools such as Excelsior. Excelsior grads are unique in that most have consider amounts of clinical background. I for one have been working in medicine, both military and civilian, for over twenty five years. I was responsible for a twenty four bed hospital ward about the ship on my own. We had a CRNA that showed up once a day to check on ward. But, I was the only corpsman on shift for 12 hours and then another one came on for the other 12. It was hard, but I learned alot. I also had a one bed ICU and was responsible for all pre-op and post-op care. I would like to see one of the traditional RN grads handle that situation.

Hopefully, this can be worked out. If not then I will take my outstate license and move from Georgia. They already have a state budget issues due to not collecting enough taxes to cover the budget. I will just take my tax money and leave.


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There's always something going on once you think you have a way. What the nursing boards need to remember is that there is a shortage and people who love nursing so much they are doing a lot to become one. I know safety is an issue but there are some nursing students from traditional colleges that are not safe. I have done clinical with nurses of yesteryear that are not safe especially in the hand washing department. I know it is someone's life we are trying to save and not kill the person but sometimes I feel that this nursing thing is bent out of shape. Actually, the only pay that I see so beneficial is the one you see when your client is better and on their way to recovery. Other than that, it's not that spectacular.

I like it because I love people. It's definitely not the money.

Like someone else in this forum said, there is a such thing as moving to another state. Think about it unless you have ties. I understand that could be an issue.

God Bless You and you are not the only one stuck in this nursing deal; I have failed my last clinical and cannot find a school to take me. When the nursing field has so many shortages I really don't feel for them any more. I feel for the clients who suffer in the end.

Why is it that the Nursing League approve these and when you are smack dab in the program they come up with these far-fetched ideas?

Think positive; there's a way out.

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