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Active Duty LPN to RN (Online please)

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Good Morning Everyone,

I know there are several forums already posted here for LPN to RN programs online; however, I have searched through these and haven't quite found the answer. I am an LPN stationed in Ohio, looking for an LPN to RN program (either ASN or BSN).I currently hold an A.S. in Practical Nursing, and a B.S. in Education. I know ISU has a program available, but I am still interested in looking at other programs.

The UARK LPN to BSN online isn't available in Ohio, and several of the other schools mentioned here are also not available in Ohio. I am having a hard time finding a program that will allow for clinicals to occur here. I don't mind traveling out of state for them, but I haven't found a program that will allow this, or that doesn't require weekly clinicals (I am active duty so traveling weekly is not an option).

Do any of you know of any programs out there I could look into? I prefer an LPN to ASN program, so I can complete the ASN to RN at Ohio State, but I'm not excluding LPN to BSN.

Also, I currently have a Bachelors degree, so if any of you know of any Bachelors or Masters entry nursing programs that you can complete remotely, I'd appreciate it as well.

Thank you for your time!

Very Respectfully,


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Im from TX so your state board would be a great place to call and see who they accept. In TX they accept Excelsior but there is currently a 2 year wait list for your 3 day clinical test post passing your classes. You do have the option of testing out of all courses but 2 though. Allegany College of MD but regular clinicals are required, which you have to line up and get approved & the program is very strenuous as well as unorganized.

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