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Hi! So, I am preparing to apply for nursing school and was told my scores are outdated. The counselor gave me the option of either the ACT or the TEAS V. Which one will I have a better chance on? Honestly, I'm scared to take the TEAS V..:nailbiting:!

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Well, that depends... Are you going to be applying to any other program at another school besides this one? They may require that you take the TEAS V.

The ACT is more like the SATs than the TEAS V. I thought the TEAS V was easier, to be honest, but I took the ACTs back in 2005. I got a 32 back then with little to no studying, but it seemed so encompass a lot more than the TEAS V than I remember. They basically have the save sections (Reading Comp, Grammar, Math, and Science). I had to study more for the science section on the TEAS V than I did the ACT. The ACT science section was much more simplistic, but that may have changed in almost 10 years.