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Hello fellow nurses, I am trying to take a decision in going back to graduate school after 16 years of nursing , my nursing experience varies between telemetry floor ,PACU,LTAC,HH, CVICU, and operation administration . I am kinda of confused between joining the ACNP school or obtain an MBA . I would like to get your thoughts about both fields . I enjoyed taking care of patients, however, some days I felt like I wanted to take a break . Please advise.


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Both "fields" are very broad. You also don't bridge the MSN in management vs MBA discussion, which is also relevant when considering management vs APRN. What do you enjoy? What would be an ideal professional life for you? We need to know much more about your personality, joy triggers, and ugh triggers, to be helpful in providing input.


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I have really gone back and forth on this as well! I can say that my favorite patient population is the elderly. I am really leaning towards the ACNP right now - but at one point I was pretty set on getting an MBA.

The thing that worries me most about getting my ACNP is that I do NOT want to end up on a night shift schedule. This worries me a great deal! What if I went through all of that school and then had to "pay my dues" on night shift AGAIN (like I did as a new RN). I just don't want to do it!!! It is a painful situation for me!

I am extremely interested in end-of-life, so I would also consider hospice/palliative. I am very interested in alternative therapies like yoga, reiki and meditation.

As a nurse practitioner with a hospitalist group - would I end up having to pull a bunch of night shifts?

And yes, sometimes patients are a serious "ugh" trigger for me - but then so again is Administration! I suppose I am a bit of a rebel and even though I believe the MBA would generate a higher income ultimately - I'm not sure I can be a part of "the system." Lol! Fight the power!!!

I went back and forth between nursing and education when getting my Bachelors. Ultimately it came down to the fact that nurses can still work as teachers but a teacher can't work as a nurse.

In your situation, you will still be able to work in admin with your NP but you can't work as NP with your MBA. Get your NP.


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Hello RuralNurseRN :-) Yes, I think I have come to that conclusion as well! In nursing school, my 4th semester instructors were both nurse practitioners. So I feel it is a really strong degree - to get my NP. I want to do it!!! Just need to now decide between FNP and ACNP. That is the next question to answer!

Thx, Anne Marie