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Do ACNP students also precept with md or do's? Does anyone have an opinion about this, or experience with it?

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You have to check with your program director. Some programs are strict about only having NP's precept students, some allow any provider to precept (NP, PA, or MD/DO). I attended a program that will allow a PA or a physician to precept if there is an advanced practice nurse acting as a resource person within the practice (it could be a CNS). Where I work, we precept NP students but the entire ICU team including attendings, fellows, residents, and other NP's provide some form of teaching in one way or another.

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Juan is correct, you should check with your program director. My program requires us to have NPs or MD/DOs as preceptors. A colleague in my area recently completed an ACNP program and he did all of his clinicals with physicians in our area as we didn't have any ACNPs in our area at the time.

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My program lets us precept with either NPs, MDs or DOs, but not with PAs. I have precepted with all three types and they have each been excellent in their specialties and contributed a lot to my knowledge and experience. I recommend getting the different aspects if you can; I definitely learned different things from the NP vs the docs. The docs were in critical care and expected me to act as an intern, treated me as such, and really challenged my knowledge, preparation and presenting skills... it made me a lot better.

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