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ACNP - best programs in your opinion?

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53 minutes ago, RN116 said:

I'm currently applying to more reputable but competitive programs. I am considering Maryville as a back up school. At the end of the day, it would get me to the degree and the license. Do you think it's possible to feel prepared and confident as an ACNP with the education Maryville provides? With the understanding that you have to put in your own work?

You have absolutely zero campus time at Maryville, which means no one is teaching you essential skills (suturing, intubation, central line insertions, etc.) before you start clinicals. I just personally feel it's a disservice to students by not providing on-site skills instruction. I'm currently in clinicals with a different program and it was immensely helpful to travel to campus during the summer for on-site, hands-on skills instruction.

A former co-worker is currently attending Maryville and he said he would have never gone there if they said up front how much group work is required. He's not happy with the program but at a point where it's too late to transfer elsewhere.

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I totally agree that the amount of group work at Maryville is ridiculous. This semester is the first one that I have found a group where I feel like everyone is putting in a good effort and that's been fantastic. I understand we're supposed to be learning collaboration, but group work with nurses all working full time, different shifts in different time zones is awful.

I'm not as concerned about the skills not being covered because my goal after school is not an acute care position where I would be placing lines, intubating, etc. For those that would be interested in such positions, they would have to find very understanding preceptors willing to show students things. But skills aren't the sticking point for me, we all learned IVs and similar skill based tasks much more easily than putting together the larger concepts of pathophysiology, pharmacology, etc. To me, the lack of instruction focused on putting together the big concepts is their biggest disservice to students.

To the previous poster that asked whether you could be prepared if you attend Maryville? I guess you can. I see people post on facebook that they passed their licensing exams and have work. I know a couple people personally that loved the school and feel like it totally prepared them for their current employment positions in primary care. Good luck with your decisions.

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The best ACNP program should be flexible to place students where (specialty) they want to practice, find adequate preceptor (good one and like to teach), help students to establish new contract with other hospitals, skills lab, simulation. However, when you go to any master program and you are a master student, it means you neet to master your studying. You need to be aggressive, focusing and really put your heart and time in reading books, materials and apply the knowledge in practice during preceptorship. Never be shy of asking MDs/NPs about what you don't know or not be sure. But before you ask them, just google/ use uptodate/ or other resources to learn about diagnosis and treatments

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