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How does ACLS and PALS look on a resume'? I took them both this week and I was wondering if employers pay more for these types of certification's or not. Regardless, I am glad that I took them, because i learned a lot. I would also like to do agency nursing and i figured it would help me gain more confidence. Your input will be greatly appreciated.

It has been my experience that you will not be paid more for having ACLS and PALS- but it is a good idea to do so, if your job requires that you have them (ER, PICU, adult ICU, Air Care type jobs...). If the job requires it, they can't pay you more for just meeting the requirement. But, it does look good on a resume, shows you have an interest and commitment to this type of nursing etc...The employer (at least mine) tends to like you to have them because then they do not have to pay for you to take it, and pay you for your time spent taking it, so all they have to do in a year or so is send you to a refresher, of ocurse though, if it is deemed that your job doesn't require that, you'll probably be paying for the refresher as well! Other people may have had other experiences, but thats pretty much been mine. Best of luck with the agency thing. Holly

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