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ACLS Classes in Dallas


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I need some recommendations for ACLS classes (in Dallas). My hospital has them for free, but I work the days they schedule the class. Because of the holidays, I don't have the PTO to take off. Can anyone recommend where I can take the class without having to pay $500?

Thanks so much :)

classicdame, MSN, EdD

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call or go online to teh American Heart Association. They may know of some scheduled in your area.

I can answer this. I took both ACLS and PALS. *Sorry if I sound a little too excited.

I took it using AHA ACLS HeartCode online. You can start and stop as often as you need to. I completed my course during the second half of my 12 hour shift (started and finished in 1 day). Then you have to take a skills test which I did on my day off. Skills test lasts about 30 mins to 1 hour depending on how much prep you need for it.

classicdame, MSN, EdD

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you have to arrange in advance with the insturctor to do the skills test, as not everyone will include an online person in the skills lab. We charge $275 for the live course, but if someone brings their certificate from the online course we only charge $100 for the skills portion. The card will be mailed to the student from the training center where the skills lab was done as that is where the course was "completed".

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Hang on there just a minute. If your job requires ACLS - your employer has to pay you for the time needed to complete the course & provide it at no cost to you. Talk to your manager... s/he should 'schedule' you to attend - they have to pay you anyway, so it doesn't make any financial difference whether you are in class or taking care of patients. If it is "impossible" to arrange this because you are irreplaceable at the bedside - your employer needs to figure out a solution for you.. such as paying for an outside course.

FWIW, I am familiar with this issue because I have dealt with it in real life.


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Thank you all! I found a course on my off day but I will be there for 12 hours *cringes* but at least I will have it done. I will look into the online one for PALS. I can actually take it with my hospital but it isn't a requirement for my current job position and I want both done before transferring out so that I can have them on my resume. Thank you all though!