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OK so I got the AHA ACLS Heartcode anywhere CD and I have completed the computer portion and have my printed certificates. I am getting ready to call and set up the "skills check off" portion of the certification and am wondering what that entails.

I'm still a little shaky on the strips and meds and I'm assuming those are a big part of the skills checkoff.

Anyone know the details? thanks


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Know your algorythms very well. Simply put, that's what they want you to know. Good luck, remember the testers want you to pass so don't panic ;-) You may want to repeat the computer test with the various arrhythmias again and again so as if you could do it all in your sleep. That's what I did, even if it was a refresher course I took, this sure helped when I took the final written test.


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One of the reasons it is a good idea to take a live course with a group and instructor is that you can get used to the instructor and vice versa so you become more familiar and comfortable with what that particular instructor is looking for. Good luck.

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