does accreditation really matter?


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I am just completing my ADN program. I found out half way through the program that my school has not gotten their accreditation from the NLN yet. They are in the process because it is a new program and are now recognized by the NLN. I'm moving out of state and all the jobs I'm trying to apply for say "must be an NLN accredited nursing school" to apply. Has anyone else had this problem and if so, what happened? I'm so worried I'm not going to be able to get a job when we move. Other people from my class are getting jobs fine in my area because the hospitals here know our program is legitimate.


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Usually, when a new program earns its accreditaion, that accreditation is extended to include all of the classes in the years that were reviewed as part of the accreditation process. So, if your school receives accreditation soon, you should have no problem. As you probably know, a school has to graduate a few classes and have their program run a while and be reviewed in order to be accredited. So, your situation is normal for anyone who takes a chance on a new, unproven, program. If all goes well and the school gets the accreditation, you are covered.

In the meantime.... Be honest. Explain that it is a new program and still in the process of earning its accreditation. If I were in your position, I would ask the school for a letter assuring that they have met the preliminary requirements for accreditation and are on their way towards full accreditation.

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most employers could care less where you went to school, just as long as you are warm ,willing body with a nursing license...


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Thank you all for your responses. They do make me feel better. I think the suggestion to get a letter from the school is a really good one. I've applied for a job that has a graduate nurse residency and so far, the recruiter has not asked me about the accreditation. The job posting itself states that it is a requirement though, so I am expecting them to ask eventually. Hopefully when they find out it is a newer program and that it is recognized that will be adequate.

Thanks again to you all!

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