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I would love to get feeback from you guys regarding an issue my unit is having with the NxStage Access pressure pod. Ive been on my current unit for about a year (MICU) but I have been an ICU nurse my entire career. My new unit has CONSTANT access pressure pod issues, alarms and subsequent restarts. I am so frustrated! The specific issue varies; sometimes the pod is deflated, sometimes the arterial pressure is just reading incorrectly high, etc.--unable to find any trends!

This the first time I have ever encountered this issue at this frequency. It is such a problem that our UBE has decided to impliment a new practice where the nurse arbitarily resets the access pressure pod qs. First, there is literally no EBP to support this practice. Two, I really dont think it will solve the underlying issue.

Thus, I was hoping you guys could provide insight-- 1. Does your organization have this issue/had this issue?

2. Do you guys have any policy about resetting the pod (aside from when the machine prompts you to do so), and

3. Any ideas regarding the origin of this issue? Currently my only thought is improper "seating" with set up but even my personal filters are alarming all the time.

I talked to the rep several times but have not been able to get anywere.

Thank you in advance!

What size of HD catheters do you use? I find the most frequent cause of access pressure pod issues, is the line pulling/sucking up against the vessel wall, which collapses the pod, which creates access pressure issues as soon as you restart the Nxstage. Put a bigger line/marhurker in, and the access pressure issues go away. It's rarely a nxstage issue.

Wow, that sounds so frustrating! I've never had that much issue with the access pressure pod. Once in a blue moon I'll have to reset the access pressure pod but that's pretty rare. One trick that our reps always remind us to do when setting up the circuit is turn the access pressure monitoring line counter clockwise as you connect it and then clockwise to lock it (See 2min 40sec on NxStage youtube video "pressure pod resetting module." Also I definitely agree with the above all comes down to your line...the bigger the better.

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