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Accepting the New Job

by lacola lacola (New) New

Hi all, I am new to posting here, although I have read and learned alot here. I am graduating in May 2008. I have been offered two positions - one in the Bone Marrow Dept. of a local hospital and another in the extended cardiac care unit at another local hospital. I don't know if I should take the position in the ECCU dept. because as a new nurse I need all the general med/surg. experience I can get right now or if going into the Bone Marrow dept. as a new grad. would be OK.

Any opinions on what a new grad should be thinking about?:wink2:


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I think that you should work on a unit hat you would feel comfortable working as a new nurse. Honestly I do not believe that a new grad should have to start in med/surg before moving to a specialty area. But if you wouldn't feel comfortable working on the cadiac unit than take the bone marrow position. Just choose what is right for you.

I graduate in May also and I accepted a position in ICU. I knew that this specialty area was right for me after I done 3 clinical rotations through ICU and totally loved everything about ICU and I am about to start my role transition (preceptorship) in ICU next week. My regular clinicals were on Med surg and I did not enjoy med surg as much as ICU

I hoped this helped some.

I agree you gotta go with what makes you happy and what you enjoyed the most. I too grad in May and took an ER job when people said I should "build" my med surg exp 1st. I hated med surg and cardio in clinical and I know I would not be happy. I didnt go to school this long and work hard to just settle for a job.:p

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