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Acceptence Letter from HindsCC

by FF107 FF107 (New) New

I Just received my acceptence letter from HindsCC Rankin branch. Anyone else receive their letter?

:ancong!: It's time to celebrate. That is so great. I heard that Rankin has great instructors. Good luck and keep us posted.

Congrats.... on being accepted FF107 :yeah:

Congrats!!!! I have completed 2nd semester at the Rankin Branch and they do have great instructors...

Thanks tandi for your words of wisdom. I'm sure that I will be fine in school this fall, it is just nerve racking. I will pray for your success into 3rd semester at Hinds and you pray for me. We will make it through this.

Congrats!!!! Im going to 4th semester at USM but my mother is going to nursing school next year and I was wondering what a good ACT score for her to get in at Hinds?

I have several friends at Hinds and most of them made 20 and above with a GPA of 3.2-3.7. One of them made an 18 on their ACT and still got in. She has an Associate of Arts Degree and a 3.6 GPA. She was also a nursing assistant.

FF107 how is it going at Hinds in Rankin? I am praying that everything is going great for you. I know that Hinds is a tough school, but you can do it. Keep studying hard and reading all of your material, because it will pay off in the end.

Everything is going very well. Thanks for asking.

I was going to Rankin expecting the worse because of all the reports I have heard about how hard Hinds was, but now that I am in the program I believe have made the right decision. The teachers in the ADN program are great and give me the impression that they really care.

I am glad that you are doing well in nursing school. Keep the right attitude and stay positive. We always have to experience things for ourselves. Make sure that you get to know all of your classmates, because you all will need each other for support. Good luck.

Are you still going to Hinds CC? I have a friend that goes there and she said that only the instructors friends make it through the program. That they help the students that they like and be rude to the students that they dislike to make them quit. I hope that this is not true or they need to be investigated. That is not professional at all. Maybe one apple is spoiling the whole bunch. I thought that Hinds was a good college to attend. My friend graduated from Hinds in 2009 and she did not like it. I hope that you are still hanging in there.

Right now I am in 2nd semester and so far have not really experienced any instructors that seem to show favoritism. Yes there are some instructors that I have heard from other students that seem to be a little more strict about stuff than others, but you know, that's gonna be anywhere (Remember the phrase that nurses eat their young). I've had 3 instructors so far and none of them have seemed to show any kind of favoritism, they have all been very helpful to everyone in my group and have not totally ran me or anyone else into the ground with insults or anything (not barring any constructive criticism that is usually done in a professional manner)

Since I have never been to another nursing school, I really can not comment on how good Hinds is, since I do not have anything to compare it to. I just know that a lot of the times I consider it to be a real pain in the butt, but judging by everyone else's posts on this board it seems the general consensus is that every nursing school out there is a pain in the butt. One good thing I like about Hinds compared to other schools is the fact that we are basically altogether when it comes to classes, which means that you don't have a test in pharmacology one day, a test in some other class the next day, and so on. We usually have about 4 class sessions and then have one big test on all the material that we have covered, so it covers pharmacology and all other aspects (So it cuts down on the constant studying that you have to do at other nursing schools because the day you finish one test you'll have one the next day).

One thing is you have to stay motivated no matter what. A lot of my friends have begun to hate the school (due to boring classes, stupid things they make us do, etc.) so they get unmotivated and as soon as that happens, their grades plummet. You just have to stick to going to class every day and staying 3-4 hours or however long you're in there and learn something, no matter how boring it is.

UPDATE: I am now in 3rd semester and I truly see why everyone hates Hinds now. It is an absolute horrible school with basically all of the instructors trying to get you kicked out of the program instead of being helpful at all. Everyone I talk to feels that we do not learn anything at all anymore during clinicals because everyone is too afraid to get a patient with any skills due to the fact if you make one small slip up you will get a large "U" and possibly get sent home for the day.

The instructors show extreme favoritism towards certain students, and if you slip up one time they will hold a grudge the entire semester. Many of my friends are basically being destroyed by the instructors right now just because the instructors do not like them (even though they have done nothing wrong). The instructors will come to clinical in a bad mood and nit pick on every single bit of your paperwork or anything you do just to send you home for the day or give you a large "U".

Also, lectures and tests aren't much better. There are horrible teachers on both the OB and GI/GU side and when it's time to take a test you truly ask yourself where they get these questions from, because it isn't like anything that was taught in class or were assigned to reading.


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Leeroy, that sounds horrible. Are you in the ADN program at the Rankin campus?

I believe they make it so hard to weeve out the ones that don't want it as bad. Everyone keep your head up and remember what your working so hard for, more impotantly, keep GOD first! I couldn't make it through this without him.

do you have any notes i am at vicksburg; next test on community

Has anyone attended the night and weekend program? I was accepted to the Rankin campus for the fall semester but I wanted to switch since I have a job and really need to work throughout school..

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