Accepted to TWU- advice and answers needed


Hello all!!

I just got accepted into TWU Houston's nursing school for spring '09. Are there any tips or advice anyone has to offer?

Also, am I allowed to record the lectures at this school?

Should I take patho and pharm during the summer, or will it help me to take it in my first semester?

And, finally, how do clinicals work? How often do you go to them? How long are they?....ANY information is appreciated!!

Thanks!! :yeah:


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TWUness1 : congratulations! I too was accepted to the Spring 2009 program at TWU -DALLAS. (I'm guessing you do mean Texas Woman's University). I received some pretty negaitvity from those rejected on another thread (which in part i can understand! I'd be pretty upset too). BUT, I felt so alone with my it would be nice to connect with some of the 190 between the two campuses that did get accepted.

If you are starting in January, you won't be able to take patho and/or pharm in the summer. It is part of the Junior 1 schedule if you had not taken it previously and accepted by the CON.

From what i can tell from the online schedule - you take 4 lecture classes Monday and Tuesday (est. 8a-4p)- then you have 2 days of clinicals, either Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday that last 4-5 hours.

I am SO excited, i had to get my immunizations up to date, and Dallas oritentaion is December 4th -when is Houston's?


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YAY!!!...yup, Texas Woman's!....we have our advisement session on Dec 4th and our orientation Jan 15th.

What determines what area you will be starting clinicals in?...How do they grade you in clinicals?



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I'm not sure how they grade in clinicals - I will let you know if i find out before classes start. When i got my acceptance packet it had a clinical preference form. I'm not sure if they do this in Houston though. So i was able to rate my top 5 preferences out of 8, i think. They said it's no guarantee, but they try to accommodate the best they can.


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We didn't get a clinical preference packet. Which areas were listed?

I hope I can connect with some people on here that are going to the Houston campus so I can form a study group!! Know of any?


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Hey all!

I also got accepted to the Spring 09 program in Houston and I am sooo excited. Congrats to everyone else! My advice would be to use the rest of the year refreshing yourself on ALL anatomy and physiology, that will help a lot for pharmacology. Also prepare your life so that is is 100% focused for studying, I have heard all sorts of nasty stories about how difficult the program is, best of luck to all, see you in December!


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Well, it was only for the dallas area - for example, north dallas, central dallas, irving, plano/allen/frisco area, i'm not sure how that works for you guys in Houston. I wish there were more people on this board for the Dallas campus too.


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-Hello, I am a TWU Nursing major student at Denton. This is my first year here and I was wondering what is the average GPA they would accept for TWU - Houston?

- I'm taking chemistry over the summer in order to finish in 4 years... right now I'm taking Anatomy I then next semester I'm taking Anatomy II... summer I take chemistry then the first semester of my sophmore year I take microbiology... I know that is random but I just wanted to say haha :nuke:


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Congrats all!! I just got accepted for the spring as well (Houston) and am amazed at all the paperwork and things still left to do/spend money on before school starts (very annoyed that I had to pay 90$ for drug testing and fingerprinting). I am trying to figure out what we will HAVE to pay for on December 4th...I guess we don't need our books right away, and clinicals won't start for a while (so said someone else) so we could in theory wait on uniforms and stethoscopes? Financial aid comes out January 12th... so if anyone knows...I emailed the program coordinator about this and got no response, she probably thinks I'm a moron....but, just broke.

Of course, worrying about the money aspect of this distracts me from the scary-hard-work aspect of actually starting Nursing school after all this time. :D

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