Accepted into Nursing School, HELP


So after a year of applying to Holy Family University, I get the letter have been accepted. I was so happy I couldn't stop crying. After a few sleepless nights i started to dough my abilities. Right now I go to a community college and I have a GPA of 3.23 but all i keep thinking is when you go to a university everything changes the work gets even harder which is bad enough without the new grading system. Nursing has always been me and I have always been faced with adversity but I'm going crazy thinking about this. Can someone help me understand the process or even give me an idea of things that i could do to get a head start. :heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat:heartbeat


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once accepted everyone has doubts about their abilities. i also questioned if i wanted to be a nurse at all...... of course i did! that was just fear and anxiety rearing it's ugly head. you do not need a headstart, your school should (will) prepare you for whatever you need! GOOD LUCK!


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I did my first degree at a university. I am in the nursing program at a CC. I can tell you that the courses are no more difficult!

Take a deep breath. You will do fine!

This is my fear as well.... Sometimes people act like CC isn't "really college"... I am so very afraid that I will not be prepared for my university... I think as humans we let the fear of failing keep us from achieving.. Just know that you are a good student and would do anything to be successful. Thanks for posting this question...


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I got to a University and my sister goes to a CC and our course load, difficulty are pretty much the same. It's not about the school, it's mainly the course itself, if you understand the material and the professor. The professional phase of nursing is hard, regardless of whether you're taking them at a CC, public college, private university.

Community College only means that they don't offer bachelor degrees and higher. Just like a University only means a school with different colleges within it, that's about all the difference, unless your school sucks LOL that might play a role.