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Accepted La Salle ACHIEVE fall 2011s

Hey guys! Who sent in their deposits to confirm their fall seats!

I sent mine in yesterday (the last day to do so, haha). I'm excited to see everyone in the fall! I still am working on my last pre-req (microbio), but other than that I'm good to go.

You guys?

I sent mine in last week. Super excited as well... do u know when we'll find out our fall schedule? Waiting until orientation is too far away, I need to let my job know of my schedule way before then :confused:

The acceptance letter said after you send in your deposit they will register you for fall courses. Try asking Kristin?

I sent in mine also and I called them to make sure they received it. Excited to start in the fall :)

I saw Kristin last week and she said she's in the process of registering us for fall courses, so we should be seeing ourselves registered relatively soon!

Would you guys like to add each other to Facebook? Please PM me and I'll send you the link to my profile (don't want to publically post our FB accounts for forum privacy :) )

Soooo excited, everyone!

Oh great, thanks for calling her. I feel I am a bother asking her too many questions. Cant wait for the fall. Did you guys do anything with finaid or clearances? About to start..yikes!

Hey guys I'm so excited too! I can't seem to send pm's tho, can you guys? Also, I sent in all my background checks, just waiting for everything to come in. I still have to work on my immunizations and physical. And I just suffered thru my 4 hr CPR class yesterday. Lol. So just curious, how old is everyone? I'm assuming age will vary. I just turned 27

Also, just checked my lasalle portal.. looks like I'm registered in cohort B... have u guys checked yet? Select Br. Luwis after logging in, then select term, then class schedule..

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I'm also in cohort B. I was registered for a Tuesday and Thursday class from 6-9pm.

I haven't done the CPR training or immunizations yet. Are the training sessions offered on the weekend?

Also I'm 24. :)

For my CPR I went to american heart association website and found my Sunday class that way. Not sure what other weekends were available but I'm sure you'll find something to fit your schedule. Are you doing anything in particular to prepare for the fall (reading, studying, etc) or are you just going to enjoy these last 3 months of relaxation? Haha.

I'm taking micro this summer at MCC and working full time so I don't think I will do much review. Micro is useful to get me back into the student mindset. :)

I looked at my class schedule- it says I am in cohort A. It says 304E-A and 307E-A classes ? I hope I am right. Lol. Those are still tues and thurs night classes.

Anyway guys I am 23 years old. Hope to meet you all during orientation :)

Also did anyone make a facebook group? I want to be a part of it, but I could not find the fall 2011 class group.

See you all in a month for uniform fitting!

Would anyone mind sharing their GPA's for the Achieve program at La Salle. This is my only fear that even though I have done fine, if all other applicants have higher credentials, will they accept me? Thank you in advance!

My gpa is around a 3.5 for the lasalle pre-reqs they needed. I did show my resume and a cover letter describing myself and my goals in nursing. i think that helps and makes you as an individual stand out more :) Good luck!

Hi.....I am in cohort A also. I have all of my immunizations donee, just need to get my CPR class done......can anyone tell me what class they actually took. It says we have to take BLS with AED cerct. I did request to join the group on facebook. Hope to see everyone on the 18th

How much is the deposit they ask for?


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