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Accepted a job- having doubts!

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Ok, so I have been an LPN for 4 years now, and I'm graduating in May 2016 with my RN, and then hoping I pass the NCLEX shortly thereafter. I've already applied to jobs and I've had 1 phone interview and an actual interview, both with two different local hospitals.

My ideal scenario for my career is either ICU or L&D. Both completely different ends of the spectrum (I know) but I have a passion for both. The position I interviewed for is in a post op med surg unit (ortho). First interview, got offered the job, and ultimately I accepted it. I'm having doubts now as the units I wanted aren't hiring new grads, and now I see positions posted. This was my first choice hospital and I got in (YAY), but it's not the unit I wished for. Dilemma I'm having is to continue on with the position with hopes to later transfer to the unit I like? Or call and turn the position down and continue with my search..

I like the comfort of having a job lined up for post graduation, I just don't know if I'll like it in this unit, or if this will benefit me for ICU experience.

Any advice? Keep the position or turn down and keep searching......

I would say go with your gut feeling! Nothing worse than taking on a job that you feel won't prepare you enough for your final goal. But, if you are in need of the money and can't wait for the period of finding something along the lines of what you prefer, that is something to consider.

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My initial fear is if you turn down this position just to reapply at the same hospital in a different unit that your application won't be considered. Before doing this check with HR and if possible the hiring manager on the unit you would prefer to work in to see if an immediate transfer would be possible. If it's not and you need a job, as the old saying goes a bird in the hand.


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My gut says to keep the position. You'll be in a better position to get an ICU or L&D position with some basic med-surg history. And ortho has a lot of med-surg to it. But I know, it's tough. That's awesome that you already have an offer!


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