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ok, someone please tell me.... why do some RN's frown on distance learning? hey, if I could do it all over again, I would, like from the age of 20, which is not realistic now. brick & mortar is great!!!--BUT, if it's not do-able, or if distance is simply more practical now,..why is this so scary to some people? hello...we are @ the age of job shortage, time constraints, etc.'s a tough way to go..self discipline, which is a lot harder than being in a classroom.

just recently had this experience. if I am correct, and its the distance learning that is frowned upon, so be it.

rough judgement leads comes from not knowing. I have saved (yeah, saved, re possible lawsuits) 1 MD in a code (I was at the other end from her, n thankfully caught something that she couldn't have forseen), 1 ER manager (RN) from using equipment that would have caused injury (yeah, she actually was one of those to leave the desk and help whenever needed!! loved her), and a couple of chokers whether it be bubblegum or an asthma plug. oops, I forgot phone triage and the cpr instructions, while connecting w/ 911, --that baby made it too!

even got a wierd raise (not complaining!) when after a prez or ceo or whatever of my previous city made a stop in our ER for his wife. that was sweeeeet!

so, yes, I am blowing my own horn. n why not. no, I am not great, I am not supernurse. I am just trying to study to become better. do not be afraid of me, and if you are, please tell me why. seriously

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I think alot of people fear the unknown...if they don't take the time to arm themselves for whatever reason on how and what distance education is then honestly to me it's just their ignorance talking!

I'm a military wife, a "regular" nursing is NOT an option for me due to no family help, hubby always working weird hours or not even here, and three small kids...distance education is the only way i'm going to be able to get my degree and so be it. Most people i run into that ask don't really say anything negative other than ohhh i could never do that...and maybe that is true but i have figured it out and can now say............................................

I CAN DO THAT! (ie distance education) AND SUCCEED!


Fear of the unknown and not wanting change is my guess why some people frown on distance learning. Just because you go to a class room setting does not mean you are learning more than any one else, what if you have a teacher who reads exactly word for word what is in the book? Without elaborating. I can do that all by myself I have been in that situation alot,,I would get more from going home and doing research on the internet and reading about it myself than from what I got in class. Not everyone can succeed in online classes they need structure and so forth, but I think it takes a very determined and motivated person who can get their degree this way. I am soooo excited about going this route. Just checked EC website they recieved my transcripts today, just gotta wait a couple weeks for my evaluation.



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