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Please help! we have a family member who is a convicted felon, but has changed himself completely for the better. The conviction was in 2006 and his probation ended in 2010. From reading the requirements of some of the state boards of nursing, it appears he would be able to be licensed, based on the type of crime and the length of time since the crime. He has also gone to the judge and had the conviction 'set aside' which is helpful, as it implies the ex felon has been 'rehabilitated', but in arizona there is no expungment so the ex felon always has to answer 'yes' when asked if he/she has been convicted. It will always continue to show on a background check as well. This person wishes to attend a CNA program with the hopes of eventually becoming an LPN and perhaps later an RN. He has a BS in an unrelated field. The problems seems not so much to be acceptance by the state boards but rather acceptance by a school - this is not because the schools do not want to enroll the ex-felon but rather because it might be difficult to get the ex felon into a clinical site.

I have seen some articles on your forum related to this topic, and have seen that some of the individuals said they had been accepted by such programs and have successfully completed them - i just wondered if someone could disclose the name of a particular program that has been able to admit someone with this problem. I think that programs that use government based clinical sites might be more flexible, but i am at a loss to find them. This person is willing to move or travel anywhere to achieve this. thank you in advance.

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What is the felony? If drug or violence related- or related to fraud involving insurance/ medicare/ medicaid or ANY type of crime against a child or elder- he has little chance and should look in other career fields.