Acceptance to Nursing School


I just received my acceptance to Westchester Community College's RN program for Fall 2014. I'm so excited!

Is is anybody else going there?

Let's start a thread for where we applied and where we got in. That way we can "meet" before starting.

Best of luck to everyone!

Applied to WCC and Montefiore SON. Impatiently waiting on Montefiore... They have their TEAS Exam May 9th and need those results before they can decide.


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Hi, Congrats on being accepted! I've been accepted to a nursing program starting this fall, as well :) Just wanted to tell you, that your current screen name is against the Terms of Service and could get you in trouble with the site admins. As a student, you aren't allowed to have "Nurse" or "RN" in your title until you have graduated and passed the NCLEX. A simple fix would be to change it to "WestchesterNurse2Be" or something like that. It's ok if it is indicative of your future plans.

Again, I didn't want to rain on your excellent news! I'm excited for you :)


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I got accepted to Cape Fear Community College's RIBN program! I'm so excited!

Specializes in Hospitalist Medicine. Has 8 years experience.

Congrats on getting accepted :)


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I know this is an old thread, but I am also starting in the fall at WCC! :) I'm excited to start - I already have a bachelor's degree, and chose the less-expensive option of going the ADN route first (and it also allows me to work) - and I know this program is highly regarded!

Can't wait to see whomever will be there in the fall and to start this journey!