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I am currently working on my year of ICU experience, and planning to take my GRE's this January. I have heard may success stories from friends and others in their applications to Anesthesia School. Does anybody have any numbers on acceptance rates. number applied VS. nuber accepted. Please Share your application experience, I could really use the asssistance.




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The applicant pool is rising every year, so it is hard to say what the percentage is for a given school. If you call the director of the program you are interested in they can give you the most recent data. I believe that the school I am attending had an acceptance rate of around 10% (give or take a % point) for the most recent class.


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I can't speak for all programs, but I can tell you about USC's general applicant pool for January 2003- There were 154 qualified applicants and of those 92 were interviewed and 31 were accepted. At Duke, I believe they will interview 30 and accept 15 this year, I am unsure how many applied. Hope this helps! It is very competitive and I can tell you to try to get at least 1500 on the GRE. The more well rounded you are the better as well or at least that was helpful in my case.



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Acceptance rates really do vary. I recommend that you become familiar with the programs you are interested in applying to. Talk to the directors of those programs. Don't be shy. I 've read somewhere that nationally there are 23 applicants for every nurse anesthesia school seat. I do recommend that you apply to more than one school. Remember, each school has it's own application procedure and admission requirements.

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