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AccentCare Behavioral Health Nurse


Specializes in psychiatric nursing. Has 3 years experience.

I was wondering if anyone had any information about the Behavioral Health Nurse offered by AccentCare? AccentCare is a home health company and the job ad reads as:

Responsible for providing nursing care requiring specialized psychiatric and mental health clinical skills within the scope of Home Health to patients with physical and mental illness, late life depression and substance abuse concerns.

Provides direct patient care under physician's orders utilizing nursing theory, skills and techniques. Provides instruction and supervision of LVNs/ LPNs and Home Health Aides. Assumes responsibility for patient admissions, establishing plans of care, care coordination, recertifications and planning discharges.

So it sounds like it is an psych home care job. I currently work in an inpatient psych facility and I am curious about this job. I submitted my application and they emailed me to arrange a phone interview.


Has 3 years experience.

Wondering about this place too....keep getting calls from them.


Specializes in psychiatric nursing. Has 3 years experience.

Well, in 2014 when I posted this question, I applied and was contacted by a recruiter who gave me a phone interview. He never called me or emailed me back to let me know my status on the position. I'm assuming they didn't want to hire me, since I called him back and send him a few polite emails, and I got no response.

Fast forward to May 2015. Just out of curiosity I applied for the position again. This time the regional manager called me and we had a good conversation on the phone, so she invited me for an interview. The interview went well, she said she thought I was perfect for the job and she even introduced me to everyone in the office as "the new behavioral health nurse". She said someone would be in contact with me the next day.

Well 10 days went by, no call, no email. So I emailed the regional manager and she said they definitely wanted to hire me and the recruiter was supposed to have called me with an offer. She called the recruiter, who then called me right away and gave me some excuse about losing the email telling her she was supposed to make me an offer.

Anyway, they made me an offer, and I decided to take it, per diem, really out of curiosity and that the jobs sounds interesting. Apparently, I'll be doing psych assessments and start of care (including Oasis, yuck!).

A few days after I accepted the offer, I got an email saying that the manager at the center was no longer there. Strange.

Overall, the email and phone communication has been not so good, as described above. I get the impression that this company is disorganized.

But, I have another job that I plan to keep, so it's ok if I take a chance on this one on a per diem basis. I told them I have another job and I'm in a psych NP DNP program and I can only commit to 1-2 days a week with their agency. They said that was ok.

So I go in for my first day of orientation this Monday (June 15). We'll see how it goes.

Feel free to message me in a few weeks and I'll let you know how it's going.

Are you still in the position? I just started this job.


Specializes in psychiatric nursing. Has 3 years experience.

No I am no longer in that job.  It wasn't a fit for me.

Just read your post on home health and low pay...