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Hi trying to decide what 2 programs to apply to. At the end of the Fall, depending on grades, can apply to 2 BSN programs. I could apply to an ABSN program, but that would mean I have to take Stats over the winter. For now 2 BSN programs and 2 Community College programs looking to apply to end of this Fall.

The question is there's a really good ABSN program right down the road from me. To apply I have to retake AP1 and 2. Have to take Stats, Genetics, and a online research class. I could do AP2 this year with Stats. Then next Spring do AP1 and Genetics. Then in the Fall do the online research class and Lifespan. I apply for the program for 2019 be done in December of 2020.

The BSN program one has 4 semesters of nursing school and the other has 6, probably squeeze that into 4 semesters. If accepted I start in 2018 be done by 2020 Spring.

Looking for some feedback. Should I focus on the ABSN or the 2 BSN programs?

Appreciate the feedback.


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You have two options:

1. Hedge your bet and take the classes needed in order to apply for the ABSN program. Apply for ABSN and the two BSN programs. That will give you the best odds at being accepted into a program.

2. If you feel you are a strong candidate, then apply to the 2 BSN programs. It will save you money not having to take the extra pre-reqs for the ABSN program. Downside is that you now have only 2 possible entries into nursing school instead of 3.

Since there is no real time advantage in the ABSN program, I would probably do the traditional route and not try to compress the program into 4 semesters instead of 6. There are plenty of threads where people tried to rush either pre-reqs or nursing programs and ended up failing out or delaying graduation. If you were talking about an ABSN program finishing 12 months before you could finish a traditional BSN program or ASN vs ABSN finishing at the same time, then the ABSN would be worth gamble. I went through a 15 month ABSN program and it was intense. My analogy is driving your car 100 mph through rush hour traffic and trying not to hit anyone. You get to your destination quickly, but it is a white knuckle ride the whole time.


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I was wait-listed at the CC programs. Have a B- and C+ in AP 1 & 2. The CC are super competitive compared to some of the State BSN program's. There is one State BSN program looking to apply to that is pretty competitive where they want 11 pre requisites completed before you start the program and 7 completed before you apply. They average a 3.4 to 3.5 overall GPA for students accepted. The other BSN program little information out there. I received my first degree from the college so hoping that my prior classes taken at the college will help with acceptance into the program.

I'll still have Chem 2 left for the one BSN program next Spring. I will have Organic Chemistry, Stats, and Intro to Physics left for the other program in next Spring and the Fall after that if not accepted into a program.

I could retake AP1 this fall, do online Genetics, and Lifespan this Fall. Because AP1 is 25% of the weight in regards to admissions for the ADN programs at the CC level. If I achieve an A in that class guaranteed acceptance into the CC program, but also have the option of applying to the ABSN program. The plus is the two programs are in my town I live in.


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Meant Stats not Lifespan. I'll probably take Lifespan over the winter and a language class during the summer.