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ok so im new to this, though i browse a lot, and not quite sure where to start with myself but um here i go i guess. im just about 22 and have two more semesters left and will have a degree in psychology from grambling state university. when i first started i actually was a nursing student but they really screwed me up and i had to end up changing my majors. ( the teachers for pre nursing pretty much just suck, they knew their info no doubt but teaching was a different question) changing my major i felt like i should just find somthing to do with psy which isnt a problem for me, but now im just feeling like i should do what i've always and really want and didnt really have a fair chance from the beginning in nursing. i failed three courses and re-took them and got better grades and of course that brought my gpa down. currently for this semester ( keeping in mind a psy major) i got 3 A's and 2 B's which puts my gpa at 2.78 now and two more semesters to get it up. im thinking that after i graduate i want to go do an accelerated nursing program. has anyone been in this or a similiar situation or just have any advice or know of any good programs? plz and thanks


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I think most accelerated nursing programs require a 3.0 gpa. So be sure to do well enough to reach that. There are people who got in with less, or so I've been told, but that seems to be the exception and you shouldn't count on getting in with less than a 3.0. I would suggest you talk with the admissions people at the schools and see if you can either go on an appointment with them or go to any information sessions they may have.

Here is a somewhat outdated(2011) list of accelerated BSN programs in the country,

Also, to be honest, it doesn't sound like you have a very good attitude. You don't want to blame your teachers as to why you switched majors, it was your choice to switch majors and it's no one's fault other than your own. I'm sure you had other nursing majors at your school who stuck it out. That being said, we all go through rough situations and we just have to play the cards that we have been dealt, so study hard and get the GPA up to over 3.0 and you'll be okay.

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Yep I did this. I was a pre nursing major, made friends with a bunch of elem ed. majors, and switched my major! I graduated with my BS.ed and began teaching. I took my pre reqs during my first year and applied for ABSN programs during my 2nd. Here I am in a program now! LOL I love teaching, but I love science and health too! What better field to merge both!!!! Advice... get your GPA up as high as possible and study for that TEAS!!! Pick a school that is approved and has great NCLEX scores! You can look at these at your state nursing website.


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Thanks for your advice and list. At my school if you get three unsatisfactory grades, which I ended up getting, you do have to change your major because they say you won't get into the program, I'm not blaming my teachers for my decision to change my major. I changed my major because I found no sense staying in the major with teachers who were no help knowing I wouldn't get in the program.


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Thanks for your advice! I'm open to more schools than the state i live in. Great that you're in a program.