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Accelerated LVN/LPN programs - what do you think?


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Hi all,

What are the pros/cons of accelerated LVN/LPN programs? Accelerated meaning less than 12-month programs. Would like know what others think about these programs in terms of theory & practical instruction. Would you recommend these shortened programs in light of all a practical nurse is expected to know nowadays? Would you recommend someone with no medical background/training apply to these types of programs? Why or why not?


I am about to attend one that is 14 months. I am happy that it is a little longer, as this is all new to me. I hope that those two extra months help to make it a more doable pace. I couldn't imagine faster than 12 months. What is a few months in the grand scheme of things. I would hate to risk my sanity for finishing only a little quicker.

Ours is 3 community college semesters, so right around 12 months counting breaks and less than that if you dont. I cannot imagine doing this amount of material with any LESS time. I can barely absorb enough to pass as it is. Not counting holidays I guess we're at about 11 months or so and I'm learning 2-3 chapters per class, no review days, tests pretty much every week to every other week, tests for pharmacology and med surg on top of eachother, ect. Its a nightmare. I think truthfully that I would come out of this a better nurse if our program was 18 months than I will out of our program, because there is simply zero time to reinforce what we are learning, or to REALLY LEARN it. Instead we just cram cram cram and hope for the best

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