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Accelerated BSN + Second Degree Programs Florida

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I am finishing up my Junior year of college with a Marketing degree. I have been taking nursing prerequisites as I would like to attend an Accelerated Bachelor's Program or second degree program.

I currently have a 3.16 GPA overall, which is not great, I know.

I am getting my CNA certification and will be working as a CNA this summer and all throughout my Senior year plus Medical Scribing part-time.

I am looking for information on Accelerated BSN programs and Second Degree programs in the state of Florida, which programs I have the best chance of getting into as I will need to be submitting applications this upcoming fall. Any notable schools along the East coast, southern states, and schools in the Philadelphia region I am also interested in.

There's UNF, UCF, USF, FSU, and UF. I'm sure there are quite a bit of private college programs as well. You'd have to research to see what the average stats of those accepted to see what your chances are. It can also depend more on your prereq GPA. (For instance, UNF uses prereq GPA in ranking and to decide who gets accepted.)

Tho I should say that you'll want to make sure finishing one degree that you won't use to then pay for another degree is the path you want to go. As someone who is going the ABSN route, if I had know I wanted to do this before I graduated with my first degree years back, I would have done it then, when I could still get pell grants, etc.

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Google is your friend OP.

And ditto about not finishing a degree you won't use. You will become ineligible for a good chunk of financial aid.

Do you know what my options would be other than ABSN if I weren't to finish my first degree? What would I apply as?

You'd be able to apply for regular BSN programs and ADN programs.