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Accelerated BSN/pursuing nursing career

For the past year or so no matter what decisions I make in life - an inner voice keeps telling me to pursue nursing and move. I have just graduated with non-nursing degree but have taken nursing prereq classes as far back as 1993.. I have not pursued nursing really for lack of confidience in myself really. I have always feared puncturing an artery,not being able to do Bp readings, etc. Yet I realize that perhaps I am not only one that feels like this? Nobody is born knowing how to perform nursing skills. So I have decided to pursue accelerated BSN. For those who in the program do you have any advice? I can move anywhere in US so would be interested if you know of any programs that are still taking apps for Fall 2006. How did you find funding? I am fortunate I can take year off to complete program as I have a house that I will sell. I love house but want to leave state I live in. I am 44 - so has anyone taken this route before? Any comments in terms of should I forget whole thing or pursue it? I would just be interested in hearing from folks..Thanks..

Hi there, I am attending an accelerated program- I have my BA in psychology. My program is 18 months and we have to go over the summer. We end up taking the same classes the normal students take. I wouldn't worry about not knowing the procedures, you will learn it like everyone else. There are many students who are of all ages and I wouldn't worry about your age- 44 is not old LOL!

When I applied I had to be put on a wait list and I waited for a year to start so I would check with Nursing schools in your area. I would try to do a search because I am sure there are many threads about accelerated programs on the forums.

Good Luck to you!

Hello. I'm in an accelerated program right now that is intense. It's a 15 month program. It is really a committment to be in an accelerated program, and it takes A LOT of time. I don't know how people do that and work at the same time, but there are a few who do! It's the best thing I've ever done! A couple of people in my class are in their 40's and 50's. Intense, but worth it.

Tencat is right it does take alot of time, I feel sometimes it consumes all of your time. I work as a nurses aid 24 hrs per week and some of my classmates work 40 plus hours per week... they are not sleeping much though. Good Luck it's an exciting career path!


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I am in an accelerated program that lasts 16 months; we have one more year to go! I would check out http://www.allnursingschools.com to find programs in your area.

Good luck! :)


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I went to an accel program that was (gasp) 12 months long and most of us did fine. You won't have any play time, but there were plenty of people in their 40s and most did really well. Go for it.

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