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Is there anyone out there who graduated from an Accelerated BSN program, took Kaplan, and failed the NCLEX? I am just curious, because I am one of them. I graduated with honors from an Accelerated BSN program, took Kaplan (answered all Qbank questions) and failed the NCLEX with 265 questions. I am obviously very disappointed. Is there anyone out there who had a similar experience? Thanks.


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No- that did not happen to me. I am sorry to hear that. Did you do all the trainers too and attend the classes?? The majority of people who take Kaplan pass the first time. I think the pass rate is over 90 percent. That is surprising you did not pass. I would try to figure out what areas you are weak in and zero in on them. I was weak in basic care (believe it or not)..... and kept doing basic care questions until I consistently got over 60 percent in that area. Whatever area I was weak in, I did a zillion practice questions in that area to improve. I did Kaplan and passed 1st time.

I hope you pass next time. Good luck to you!!


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Evergreen09: I graduated from a accelerated BSN and took Kaplan, and just found out I failed NCLEX with 75 questions. :bluecry1:

Hang in there and we will pass the next time.

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