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ACC Waitlist Update


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I just called to check and they have stopped at 1035 for the fall semester. That includes all the alternate letters that went out. I guess this means I'm in for January. I've done all my bachelor's prereqs while waiting, so I get an extended summer vacation!


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Congratulations! ACC is a great school.

Best of luck!


Hey I was wondering what your number is? I am 1144, still waiting. How long have you been on the list?:loveya:


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I am 1064. I signed up for the list in December 2005. I got in under the old rules that you only needed A&P 1, PSY 235 and another class to get on the list. I expect there is a huge gap from when the state changed the rules by requiring A&P 2 and Micro before people could even get a number. When did you get your number?

I've decided to apply at Regis while I'm waiting. The commute will be longer, but I'll get done sooner.

I'm 1104 and got on the list in May 2006. I have all my pre-reqs done so I'm taking pathophysio and MAT 103 this fall to get ahead of the game. I think I'll be in the class starting January 2009.

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