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Okay so I am in my second year of college and I just got accepted in to the school of nursing. Two weeks ago for my art history class i was assigned to write a paper which entailed a visit to a museum in new york ( i live in ct). Long story short, i didnt have time to make it to the museum so i went online to the gallery's website and wrote my paper on objects that i looked at online. Come to find out that one of the objects i wrote about was not on display at the museum, only online. I got an email from my teacher two weeks later telling me that i did not visit the museum and have therefore committed academic dishonesty. She gave me a zero for the assignment which is ten percent of my grade and i now have a permanent record in my file. I met with someone from the school of nursing and she emphasized that this was a big concern for the school of nursing etc etc. I was just wondering is this going to affect my progress in nursing school or even job opportunities in the future ? I understand i should have went to the museum to look at the objects but it seems to me a bit much to call it academic dishonesty ... its not like i copied someones work or used someone else's paper... they were all my original ideas. only difference is i looked at the objects at home instead of the museum. i meant no harm by this i simply did not have time to make it to the museum:uhoh3: if anything i feel like the professor should have given me a zero but not report it as academic dishonesty. i feel like i will now be labeled as a cheater/plagiarizer .. which is not what i am! please help .. has anyone had any similar situations??

I think if people continue to attack the original poster she should start using the 'Report' button - all she asked was how this could potentially affect her future.

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Question answered. Closing thread as run its course.

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