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ABSN vs Traditional BSN

by NewPathForMe NewPathForMe (New) New Pre-Student

Looking for insight. I have a previous bachelors degree in Communications, and Im finishing up nursing prereqs now. My original plan was to apply to ABSN programs that finish between 12-16 months. However, now I am thinking if possible can I just transfer into a traditional BSN program. All my gen ED requirements would be fulfilled from my previous degree as well as all the science prereqs which im almost done with now, so that would knock 2 years off the 4 year traditional BSN. There seems to be a lot more traditional nursing programs then ABSN programs, so I thought I may have a better chance. Does anyone have any experience with this? is this even allowed? Thanks

It is possible to transfer in to some traditional BSN programs, but it depends on the school. My school has both an ABSN and transfer option, they are basically the same in terms of classes. The ABSN continues during the Summer, but they are both 4 semesters.

Transferring to a traditional BSN is definitely possible. How easy that is depends on the individual school. 

Some schools don't have ABSN programs, and are happy to have people transfer in to the nursing program.  Others will technically allow it, but have so few spaces available that it's almost impossible to transfer in.

For one school I looked at, the school had both an ABSN and a traditional BSN transfer option, but you could only apply to one or the other for a given admissions cycle.

Certainly, there are more traditional BSN programs out there, but how competitive they are compared to ABSN programs is quite variable. Definitely doesn't hurt to look, especially if you have a relatively low-cost public university near you.  Many ABSN programs are private and, thus, expensive.

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