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Could really use some help here.

My goal is to eventually become a Nurse Practitioner or a Nurse Anesthetist. I have a Bachelors degree in biology and am debating between an accelerated BSN or a Master Entry into Generalized Nursing (It's a masters program at DePaul but NOT for nurse practitioner). I was wondering if you would suggest getting my BSN, a job and then applying to DNP programs or to get my MSN and then go for the DNP. Thanks!

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The masters entry program will bring you to the same place as the bsn, you will become a licenced rn, but instead of the bsn u will have an msn. Both degrees prepare u to work as an rn and gain experience, but if the eventual goal is dnp, the msn will situate u in a better position to eventually do that. Definitely go for the msn. If you wanted to know if u should go straight into the dnp, the answer is No. only clinical experience can prepare u adequately for that. But if u are gonna be working as a nurse and u have the option of doing so with an msn, and u have no reasons holding u

back, then msn all the way!

Thanks so much I've had a hard time deciding. I will have more readily available options I believe with the MSN THANKS


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