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Above & Beyond....Special Touches?!?

How do you go above & beyond to personalize your care? Do you ever take your patients small gifts (coke, candy bar, magazine) or mail them a card through snail mail? Do you sit and chat with them over coffee?

In a few weeks I will begin hospice nursing and wanted to gather some ideas of how to bring a smile to my patients' face every chance I can :)

To add to this topic...do you do anything special for the caregivers of your patients? How do you support them in their role?


Specializes in ICU.

I've only been in hospice for 3 months, but I try to get on a personal level with the ones who let me in. I took care of a woman who lived with her husband who was her caregiver. She was nearing death, but still awake and alert and very, very funny. I was joking around and I said something about kissing and he said "that sure has been a while". I encouraged her to give him a kiss and she grabbed him by the face and gave him a kiss and his whole face lit up and he was the happiest man in the world. He said "i'm not washing my face for days" Small things like this could be a huge gift.

I too have only been in hospice for several months and I like using humor... Very light hearted and even a little goes a long way.


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