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About to start to start nursing school

by trina820 trina820 (New) New

I'm about to start nursing school for RN and I am very nervous. I always wanted to be a nurse I have the heart of gold and love helping people. I was signed up for radiology because I had so much doubt in my self and when you dont have a support system that plays a big part to. I was wondering how did you guys get pass the fear and also ask yall to be my support team. Thanks

Sounds like you are having a crisis in confidence. And nothing builds confidence like DOING IT! With every class you pass and every skill you master you will begin to believe in yourself more and more. Of course you are not confident now, and you are doubting yourself - that shows you are a sensitive person. But as you watch yourself evolve you will be amazed at what you can accomplish. This has happened to all of us who travel down the nursing path. The most accomplished amongst us also started out nervous and frightened and wondering if we were smart enough or determined enough. Guess what? There's a scared person inside all of us still...we just face the fear down and keep going. You can do it too! Good luck!

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you clench your teeth and put one foot in front of the other and keep going forward. i may be wrong, but i think we all felt this way. i know i did. part of what makes us stronger as we go through our lives is facing and conquering our fears.

fear makes the wolf bigger than he is.

check out the student forums (click the student tab above).

I'm starting nursing school soon also and I know exactly how you feel. One second I'm so excited about the adventure I'm about to embark on and the next I'm not sure I'm smart enough or confident enough to even begin it.

I think it's just one of those career paths that brings out self doubt and worry but because we have caring personalities, that not all people possess, I think we should try to get past our uncertainty and give it a go. This profession needs people like us so it's sort of our duty to try to get there right? :)

Trina820, you can do it! Stay positive and focused on accomplishing the ultimate goal of becoming a RN! You came to this site to get support, that says alot in itself! God Bless you and I know you will be just fine:wink2:

It was nice to read these words. I've wanted to do nursing for a while and finally applied for a program in the fall. I felt great until I clicked 'complete' on my application; then all my fears came into play: 'will I get over queasy-ness with bodily functions, will i be able to afford it, will i do okay in classes after having no classes for several years, etc. etc. etc.'. but i keep telling myself to take it one day at a time, one step at a time. otherwise, it is too overwhelming. it will all be okay and work out.

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