About to start OB and Med/Surg I...any advice????


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I'm about to start OB and Med/Surg I...for some reason I'm nervous! I feel like I didn't get enough experience with some skills when I was in clinical last semester (we were in a nursing home where the staff HATED us...especially the CNA's). Does anyone have any advice or can anyone tell me what to expect for this next semester??

Hi - just finished Med-Surg I last semester, currently taking Med-Surg II.

My advice... hang onto every word your instructor says! Even if the teacher is mono-tone and dry, slap yourself silly. I've found that what the teacher talks about during class largely appears on exams. Also, when reading in the Med-Surg book, try not to study by how many pages you have. Break it down paragraph by paragraph. I ended up spending about two-three hours per day studying Med-Surg, discussing topics with other students, and reviewing it throughout the day, about 5 minute "review" sessions five times a day.

My instructor told us last week Med-Surg accounts anywhere between 70%-80% on state boards, which is why that was the class I wanted to get the most out of if nothing else.

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