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Is it better if you fare enough on the analysis and application level on Kaplan Q trainers rather than the comprehension and knowledge? Bcoz I think it counts more on the nclex's level of difficulty.What do you think guys? please help.I'm very tired of studying and I think I need to rest for my nclex on tuesday.I'm drained and I want your replies please..:eek:


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yes you WANT to do better on the application and analysis rather than the knowledge. but the knowledge is important very much also. heres a good example....when we took the exit hesi exam my 3 friends and i had the exact same conversion score 89.0 but because i did better with the analysis and application questions they made 855 and 870 while i made an 960!! so i think they are important but you want to answer those low end questions right to get to the higher up questions. just my two :twocents:. i havent taken the boards but thats what my kaplan instructor says.:D hope this helps btw.

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