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About FNP jobs : a few qs


What sort of settings do FNPs work in ..are there enough jobs out there?

I am looking at FNP as an option , but am not familiar with their employment settings.

Would i be required to work in hospital or office setting?

Can I choose to specialize in a certain area of FP? I am not comfortable with obgyn, and assuming i make it thought the FNP rotations of obgyn, can i choose to leave that out of my practice area?

Are there jobs out there that let you do that?

Also how much does an FNP pay on average to for Liability Insurance..do employers cover that or is it our responsibility?

thanks..sorry if these are dumb qs, i am just starting to look into it


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I can tell you a little bit about my job, and what some of the people who graduated with me are doing. Most of the FNPs that graduated with me work in adult primary care settings. Some are in private practices, and others are in hospital based clinics. I personally don't know any FNPs that work in an inpatient hospital setting, but I'm sure there are some. I work in a community health center and see only adults ( I wish I saw kids, too). I work in kind of a hybrid urgent care/primary care setting. I call it a hybrid cause although I treat episodic illness, I also follow some chronic disease patients due lack of availability of their PCPs. I do A LOT of GYN, but no OB, although I do see pregnant patients with episodic illness. I also deal with a lot of mental health issues, primarily anxiety and depression-also due to a lack of mental health providers in my area. I honestly never expected to deal with this volume of psych issues. I am very much a generalist, and my job is different every day. My employer pays for my Liability Insurance, although I interviewed with a couple of small private practices that wanted me to pick up the tab.

An FNP can work in a variety of settings, including specialties. That's the beauty of the FNP track. We have a very wide breadth of knowledge, although maybe not the depth in a particular area that some other specialties have.

The job market for FNPs has been good in my area, but I'm not sure that holds true everywhere. The ANPs, PNPs, and WHNPs I graduated with last May found it a little more challenging to find jobs.

I'm a new grad, so my experience is limited, but hopefully you'll find this helpful.


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I was not interested in OB or GYN. So it really is up to you to avoid places that do women's health. Like the above poster said, most FNP's end up working with adults in primary or urgent care. I am actually working in long term care. Definately no GYN there.

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I am a FNP. I have worked in internal/family/pediatric/pain mgt/pt base in nursing homes/rehab settings through the internal medicine office.

I now work in Anesthesia at a large teaching hospital. I run the Pre-Anesthesia testing clinic. I would not have been able to get this position without my prior experience.

We are very marketable, I always suggest the FNP route to RNs. I have a friend that works for an emergency medicine group that handles several ERs. FNPs work almost everywhere. At my hospital there are FNPs in the trauma unit.

Hope this was helpful. Good luck in school.